Collectible Mickey Mouse Watch Tins

Not all Disney timepieces come in a collectible Mickey Mouse watch tin, but I’d say that the best ones do!

Sometimes it’s hard to decide if the watch is the true collectible or the tin:

Patterned after the now-famous Mouse Ears hat, this Mickey Mouse Club watch tin is cool on multiple fronts. Although replica merchandise, it still evokes the nostalgia for the best days of Disney!

At first it just looks like Mickey is on his own, but a closer look reveals images of the main cast of characters from 1928 and soon after.

This souvenir tin came with the release of a watch that commemorated the 75th anniversary of Mickey Mouse (2003). I like the line images of Mickey in the background.

Most of these tins were released to make the watches within more desirable. The timepieces themselves weren’t of particular quality or value, but coupled with the tin, did make nice keepsakes.

For more tin fun, but this time with the purpose of carrying candy, check out our earlier post entitled Walt Disney World Collectible Taffy Tin.

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