Orange Bird Florida Salt & Pepper Shakers

I am constantly amazed at what shows up in my little corner of the world! My small town in Canada is a 24-hour drive from Walt Disney World in Florida, but still I find many vintage Disney souvenirs popping up on local selling sites. Like these Orange Bird Florida salt & pepper shakers.

The Orange Bird is a rare bird, so to speak, in that it wasn’t very popular when it was first released. It was designed to be a marketing tie-in, almost a throwaway character, intended to appease a corporate sponsor within the Theme Park environment. That said, he did manage to spawn a merchandise line that has been restarted in spades in the modern day.

But we are going back to the 1970s or possibly the early 1980s for a look at a wonderful pair of little collectibles:

The Florida Citrus Commission wanted a mascot to entice Theme Park guests to visit their corner of the Magic Kingdom. This rather literal interpretation of an Orange bird fit the bill. Cute he was, is, and will continue to be!

Most salt & pepper shakers will have a different number of holes in the top for each spice. I believe it is customary to put the pepper in the shaker with less holes, and the salt in the one with more holes. But these shakers are identical.

This could be for one of two reasons. First, perhaps I have two of the same shaker, and not an actual set. So in this case, I would have two salt shakers. I do have another set of Disney-themed shakers that are the exact shape as these ones, and they too have the same image on both, but… six holes in one shaker and only four in the other. Second, Disney licensees don’t always produce merchandise with consistency. Year to year they may change designs for no apparent reason.

A quick look on the Internet has solved the quandary: There is an Orange Bird shaker out there with only four holes. So I have two salt shakers. I guess there will be none of that strong black spice for me! It’s worth noting that this happens with salt & pepper shakers quite often. Sellers will mix and match to make a set. The moral: Always count the holes!

This set also came with no plastic stoppers in the bottom, but the Japan sticker was still affixed to one of the shakers. This is customary, both shakers won’t have the sticker. I took the plastic stoppers from my other identically shaped set because I like the Orange Bird better! Yes, I play favorites amongst my collection.

This exact image appears on a bell, a plate (both of which I have), and likely just about every other kind of ceramic souvenir Disney could slap it on! I will not rest until I own them all.

Below is a look at how these shakers would have been packaged for sale:

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Orange Bird Salt & Salt Shakers!

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