MINI BRANDS Brands Edition Collectible Figures

Just a few days ago I did a post on the Disney Store Edition of this merchandise line. But I just had to explore what at least one other of these odd little miniature marvels was all about. And so I bring you today the Mini Brands Brands Edition collectible figures.

Well actually, the tiny plastic wonders that you ‘peel’ out of these balls aren’t really figures. But mini replicas of famous foods and candies from past and present.

These balls have a unique packaging feature. Once you peel off the outer plastic label, there is an inner plastic layer with images of old foods. Now that’s a nice touch!

Let’s have a look at the five items I got with my first Mini Brands brands ball:

This was a fun one to get because I can remember loving these candies, and yes I used the pun, when I was younger. You just never knew what message of affection you were going to get!

I’m not familiar with the brands above, but… I do like Jell-O pudding, so they are a nice addition to my mini food collection! And is it not amazing that you can easily read the writing on the back of these things?!? The pudding has the directions for making it clearly marked. Remember, these are about one inch long!

My wife enjoys The Laughing Cow cheese wheels and buys them quite often. So I was able to show a size comparison between the actual product (above, center) and the mini version.

As with all the versions of this merchandise line, there are different variants to be found. With the Brands line, there are Gold, Glow in the Dark, and Metallic offerings. And of course, most of the ‘products’ you will find are Common.

This version of mini brands has over 100 ‘products’ to collect. And some cool accessories, like the display shelf I got as my fifth ‘prize’:

The stand is four and a half inches tall. It came in pieces so was still contained in just one ‘slice’ of the main ball container.

More details about Zuru and these toys can be found by clicking the link at the beginning of this post. The only problem I have with this line of merchandise is the amount of waste it produces. Each ball has two plastic wrappings, two rubber containment clamps, and five hard plastic wedges, each with a foil seal. Although the plastic is made from 100% recycled material, I still think the gimmick comes at a high price to the environment.

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