Chef Mickey Salt & Pepper Shakers

Disney, or at least their licensees, like to reuse shapes and themes. These Chef Mickey salt & pepper shakers are a classic example. I call these the ‘castle top’ shakers because of the unique shape, especially around the tops. I may be alone in this! However, I am right about the reuse of shapes, as seen when you check out my previous post featuring the Orange Bird salt & pepper shakers. They are identical apart from the image printed on them.

But today we are featuring Mickey Mouse as he whips up a savory salad:

The Walt Disney Productions trademark dates these shakers to before 1987. The Chef Mickey line of merchandise is still produced today, however.

These are truly salt and pepper shakers! As you can see in the image above, the salt has six holes while the pepper has only four. If you follow the link above to my Orange Bird set, you’ll find I have two salt shakers for that character.

These shakers come with a plastic plug. My Orange Bird shakers were missing them, so I pilfered the ones from these shakers. They are interchangeable. It’s always nice when the original stickers are still affixed.

We’ll conclude with a close up of Chef Mickey just going to town with the spices (likely salt and pepper) on that big bowl of salad.

For even more fun with salt & pepper, check out my pair of shakers depicting Donald Duck’s nephews. But… which two are featured? Huey? Dewey? or Louie? Click the link to find out!

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