Disney Loungefly Mini Backpacks: Part One – Dug

Loungefly Mini Backpacks have become the must-have fashion accessory for younger and more mature women alike. And my wife is no exception! She now owns three of the Disney/Pixar versions.

I have to admit, however, that I bought them for her because I secretly wanted them! Well, the secret is out now. Fortunately, my wife is hopelessly hooked on the line so I should have no problem adding other versions to my… er, her collection soon!

This three-part series will feature each mini backpack in turn, starting with Dug from Pixar’s UP, then Eeyore from the Winnie the Pooh franchise, and lastly, Toby from The Great Mouse Detective.

So let’s begin Part One with Dug:

This was the first Loungefly that I bought for my wife. It made a great anniversary gift for the Disney Wife who didn’t have everything!

The back is rather plain. We will see with the Eeyore version that sometimes they put a little something extra there. Dug has two side pockets that are open, with no zippers.

As always, the straps are adjustable. But for smaller women, it can be that even with the straps adjusted to the shortest length, the bag may sit too low on the back making it feel heavier as it pulls downward.

It’s always fun and exciting to open a Loungefly Mini Backpack for the first time! The inside always has a themed pattern the relates to the character on the bag. In this case, we have wonderful black and white images of Karl’s house flying with its balloons, lots of clouds and rainbows, all against a clear blue sky.

Not all of these bags have the same features. This particular one has an extra pocket in the front just above Dug’s collar. It is zippered and has the same inside pattern as the main compartment.

It’s well worth checking out the official Loungefly site! There are simply too many versions of bags to share on a site like this one, even if I had the money to buy them all. Which I don’t . But be sure to watch for the next post featuring one of the bags I do have!

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