Disney Loungefly Mini Backpacks: Part Two – Eeyore

Loungefly Mini Backpacks have become the must-have fashion accessory for younger and more mature women alike. And my wife is no exception! She now owns three of the Disney/Pixar versions.

The second to be added to my wife’s collection was the Eeyore bag below. He has some wonderful features!

This three-part series will feature each mini backpack in turn, starting with Dug from Pixar’s UP, then Eeyore from the Winnie the Pooh franchise, and lastly, Toby from The Great Mouse Detective.

So let’s begin Part Two with Eeyore:

Although this is technically the front of the bag it is actually the back of Eeyore. And what a fun back it is! Notice the cute little tail pinned to his bottom? It swivels. And so does his ear. He also has a large zippered pouch that opens up to show lots of little dejected Eeyores!

There are no side pockets in this version. There is a nice picture of Eeyore on the back of the bag along with a familiar saying, but I’ll show that later. The clouds are a nice touch!

As always, the straps are adjustable. But for smaller women, it can be that even with the straps adjusted to the shortest length, the bag may sit too low on the back making it feel heavier as it pulls downward.

The inside has the same display of dejected Eeyores along with a second zippered pouch for smaller items.

And now for the familiar saying:

But Eeyore, how could anyone not notice you? You’re so cute!

Well, thanks for noticin’ our little blog today. And be sure to check back soon for Part Three – Toby coming up next!

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