Funko Soda Figure Donald Duck (3 Caballeros)

It was 1944 and time for another live-action animated musical package-film produced by Walt Disney. This one was the 7th animated feature film to come out of the studio. The film stars Donald Duck, his old friend José Carioca from Saludos Amigos, and a very loud pistol-packing rooster named Panchito Pistoles. You may know them better by their performing name: The Three Caballeros!

This Funko Soda figure of Donald Duck features our fowl feathered friend in his character portrayal from that film.

I’ll give you three reasons why this vinyl figure is awesome:

One: It features Donald Duck in one of his most iconic roles for the Disney Studios.

Two: It’s a duck wearing a sombrero. Come on… that’s cool!

Three: He’s wearing a fashionable bow tie. When’s the last time you rocked the neckwear?

Now let’s have a look at the Soda Can itself:

I was excited to see this Funko Soda can. I love the ‘Birds of a Feather’! But then I noticed something about the chaser. There are two for this figure, and unfortunately, that’s bad news! Because the chasers appear to be José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles. Which means the only way to get a complete set of three is to keep buying Donald cans until you finally find both chasers. Any ideas on how much money that would cost you?

As is usual with this line of merchandise, each can has one vinyl figure and a Pog-like disc with an image of the character on it.

The can gives a Limited Edition run total of 15,000 but the Pog gives the number as 12,500. This would mean that the main figure has 12,500 units but the other 2,500 are made up of the chasers, likely 1,250 of each.

Caballero Donald is looking good from all sides!

Even from below!

I only have two other Funko Soda figures. One is Kuzco from The Emperor’s New Groove, and the other is none other than Stan Lee himself. Check ’em out!

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