Disney Loungefly Blind Box Pins

Loungefly is usually associated with Mini Backpacks. But Disney isn’t satisfied with just one SKU but likes to add additional products to every line of merchandise. And so we have the Disney Loungefly Blind Box Pins.

I wasn’t too interested in most of the variations in either of the two box collections I’m featuring here. But I thought I’d take a chance at getting the one or two pins I wanted, and failing that, at least I’d have a post for the blog!

For the classic Disney Characters set, almost any character other than Daisy Duck would have been fine, with Mickey and Goofy being preferred. So of course I got Daisy!

For the Animated Animals set, I really wanted Thumper with the flower or, failing that, Flower the skunk. I got Flower the skunk, so, a bit of a win there.

Each box has a simply black plastic bag inside that contains the pin. Now let’s rip’em open and see the pins:

These are definitely Disney Pin Trading quality pins. The high lacquer finish is beautiful and the level of detail is stunning!

These pins are set apart from the official Disney Pin Trading pins by both the lack of the proper branding on the back and the addition of the Loungefly crown logo.

I’m not sure if you could trade these at the Parks. Likely no one would check, and I don’t think you’d be ripping anyone off, as they are excellent quality.

I probably wouldn’t have bothered buying these blind boxes at the price of $8.90 US but the one was on sale for $5.00 and the other was buy-one get-one 30% off. So all together I think I paid under $13.00 US for both boxes.

My wife has claimed the Flower pin to use as a brooch and I gave the Daisy pin away to one lucky reader of this blog. At least I know she went to a good home!

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  1. Chrissy says:

    Right on, hope you’re having a great day.

  2. Mike Ellis says:

    Cindy would love this! Thanks for having this giveaway, Lee!

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