Vintage Walt Disney World Souvenir Hanging Plate

In the early days of the Parks, Disney used to release an image and use it on just about every piece of merchandise imaginable. If it was ceramic, it would have said image on it, and it would be sold as a take-home keepsake. This vintage Walt Disney World souvenir hanging plate is a prime example.

This plate likely dates from the 1970s or very early 1980s, as the collectability of plates was on the wane after that.

The level of detail on this plate is very nice. The gold trim and accents really set off the image. The sculpted edges of the plate itself is also very attractive. And who wouldn’t love that Castle?

The old school ‘Disney D’ logo is also something that dates this plate, as I have seen (and believe I have, somewhere) examples that are identical but missing this logo.

The plate is branded as Walt Disney Productions (so pre-1987) and as being made in Japan. Later plates and merchandise were made in other countries, most often China.

This example still has the original string used to hang the plate on a wall. And the original price tag of just $4.00 US is still affixed! Now, that might seem pretty cheap until you adjust it for inflation and you see that today it would sell for $22.00 US for a 7 1/2″ plate.

It appears that Theme Park merchandise was just as expensive when it all began!

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