Mattel Donald Duck Talking Airplane Toy

“You know it’s Mattel, because it’s swell!” I bet it’s been a long time since you heard that during a toy commercial! But it does describe this Donald Duck talking airplane toy, for sure.

I picked this up at a charity shop for just $2.99 CAN the other day and didn’t realize it had sound until I got it home. The price sticker was covering the battery compartment. I was beside myself when I actually had batteries ‘in stock’ for it and that it worked when I put them in!

Ready for takeoff!

This was made by Mattel in 2014 and uses three button, or watch, batteries. To activate the sound, you simply push the toy along a hard surface. Donald will bob from side to side and the propeller spins. Then our feathery aviator’s beak starts to open and close and you are treated to quite a few funny sayings.

For being a child’s toy and almost 10 years old, it has held up remarkably well. It’s a testimony to how well, or swell, Mattel builds their stuff!

Just another fly by!

So I think we’ve waited on the runway long enough. Donald has done his pre-flight checks. Please make sure your seats and trays are in the upright positions and prepare for takeoff! You are flying with Air Donald Duck:

Donald Duck Airlines Spiel

Here is a listing of the sayings, in case you couldn’t quite make them out:

Hang on to your (feathers – ?)

(Honk Honk)

Fasten your seatbelts!

(Putt Putt Putt)

Feathers, don’t fail me now!

Faster! Oh oh! Oops! Honest to Goodness!

Whoa! Talk about a tail wind!

Oh boy, oh boy!

(Boing) “Hey! What’s the big idea?

Thanks for flying Air Donald Duck!

No one would claim that Donald is the best pilot, but I think we can all agree he is a better option than Goofy!

I hope whatever little kid who got this toy back in 2014 had lots of fun with it! I would think it was originally made for preschool children, or grown men with toy collections.

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