Precious Moments Mary Poppins & Bert Musical Figurine

Precious Moments is an enduring line of merchandise sold at most greeting card stores and novelty shops. They feature childlike versions of popular characters enacting famous scenes from movies or literature. In today’s post, we’re having a look at the Mary Poppins and Bert musical figurine from 2015.

This figurine captures the endearing moment when Mary and Bert sing a duet while on a Jolly Holiday in… a chalk painting! Yup. It’s the movies.

But… you’re still in the ‘Friend Zone’!

I don’t know if you noticed this point, but after gushing about how wonderful Mary is, Bert is quite politely put in the dreaded ‘Friend Zone’! He sings: “It’s a jolly holiday with Mary, no wonder that it’s Mary that we love!” And does Mary return his affection? Sort of, but not in the way he’d like. Here is a snippet of Mary’s lyrical response: “Oh, it’s a jolly holiday with you, Bert. Gentlemen like you are few… You’d never think of pressing your advantage. Forbearance is the hallmark of your creed, a lady needn’t fear, when you are near. Your sweet gentility is crystal clear!

Poor Bert! ‘Forbearance’ means to exhibit patient self-control and restraint, as in ‘forbearance from taking action’. Translation: Get off wit ya!

This is part of the larger merchandising line from Disney Showcase Collection. In this case, Disney has partnered with Precious Moments to create a very magical cinematic moment! For us. Not for Bert.

The music for this figurine is based on Jolly Holiday from the movie, Mary Poppins. However, it is a very short loop that is simply repeated over and over again. I’ve included two loops below:

Jolly Holiday

The original song was written by long-time Disney collaborators, Richard and Robert Sherman. For more of my Disney related Precious Moments collection, check out the link.

And away they go!

While Mary and Bert march off hand in hand, let’s conclude with the final lyrics to the song of the day – Jolly Holiday:

It’s true that Mavis and Sybil have ways that are winning
And Prudence and Gwendolyn set your heart spinnin’
Phoebe’s delightful, Maude is disarming
Janice, Felicia, Lydia charming

Cynthia is dashing, Vivian’s sweet
Stephanie’s smashing, Priscilla a treat
Veronica, Millicent, Agnes and Jane
Convival company, time and again

Drocas and Phyllis and Glynis are sorts
I’ll agree are three jolly good sports
But cream of the crop, tip of the top
It’s Mary Poppins and there we stop

Okay, now I might just understand Mary’s position. Just how many women does Bert know?!?

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