Disney Glass Souvenir Ashtrays/Candy Dishes

Collectors will understand that the hunt is almost more rewarding than the having. Once you have a complete set of something, the hunt is over, and the fun is gone. But that’s not to say that there isn’t still enjoyment in the having! I just recently found the forth Disney glass souvenir ashtray/candy dish to complete my Disneyland/Walt Disney World set. It’s been years of owning only three and missing the last one.

For each Park, I now have an earlier version and a later version. In the image below, I show the earlier version on top with the later version below:

The gangs all here!

How do I know which is earlier and which is later? Usually you can tell by the level of detail. But in this case, it’s mostly from the makeup of the glass itself. As is the case with both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World versions, the earlier piece has a textured back, or bottom, and the later version has a smooth back, or bottom.

As a souvenir item is continued over many years, Disney seeks to find ways to produce the item more cheaply while raising the cost to the Park guests. This increases the profit margin. So not having a textured backing would make the glassware easier and quicker to manufacturer, thus less expensive for Disney to buy, thus more profitable to sell in the Parks.

Earlier Version

Later Version

The only other difference in the pieces above is the darker golds of the earlier version due to the darker backing. As for the content and order of the imagery on both versions, they are identical in every way.

While we’re on the topic of the backing, let’s have a look at the entire set from the back:

The Back Side of Glass

Again, the two earlier versions (top left and right) have textured backs while the later versions (bottom left and right) have solid colours and smooth surfaces.

Now let’s look at the Walt Disney World versions:

Earlier Version

Later Version

The content and order of the imagery on both versions is identical, but the later version has the addition of gold accenting. Also, the later version changes the use of blue and green for some details in each of the seven images.

So this set is complete! It’s time to turn my attention to other sets in my collection that are still missing pieces. As ever, the hunt is still on… for something!

FUN FACTS: Disney used to have no problem selling shot glasses and ashtrays in the Parks. Drinking and smoking was just a part of life back in the day. But now we have toothpick holders and candy dishes. At least that’s what we’re expected to believe!

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