Disney’s Music From the Park CD Compilation

In 1996 Disney decided to give us 48 minutes and 57 seconds of the strangest musical choices and call it Disney’s Music From the Park. It was a compact disc compilation like no other! Lost in time and maybe better left there, I’ve once again defied the will of the Universe and dragged it back into the public consciousness. I don’t expect you to thank me. But I do ask that you suffer along with me.

Are you ready for some 90s madness?

You can read for yourself (above) the eclectic grouping of talent put together to create this compilation. Some of the names are legend but I assure you, the performances are not!

The best part of this product are the liner notes complete with some fun images from around the Parks and the lyrics to many of the classic Disney songs. Let’s have a look:

Now we get to the madness. If you were going to hire someone to sing The Ballad of Davy Crockett, who would you pick? Tim Curry, you say? Yup. It was a no-brainer for Disney!

I can’t begin to describe just how strange this cut is. So instead, I’m going to make you listen to it! Do you remember when your Dad made you do horrible things and claimed that it would build your character? This won’t be like that.

The Ballad of Davy Crockett – Tim Curry

So what did you think? Okay, I admit that it was kind of fun! Did you notice the subtle change to the lyrics? Instead of fighting in the ‘Injun wars’, Davy, or David as Mr. Curry calls him, now fought in ‘many a war’. Time marches on as it changes!

And speaking of marching, who loves a parade?

To be honest, I’m exaggerating a bit as to just how awful most of these tracks are. A bit. To say they aren’t my Tea Cups ride would be honest, though!

We’re 25 years too late to get our very own copy of The Walt Disney World Explorer on CD-ROM. Do computers today still play such antiquated technology? Let’s hope it was heavy on the sights and magic but lighter on the sounds!

You can see a complete list of the songs covered in the image above. Again, I imagine that this compilation CD is not included on any of the resumes for these artists!

The 90s weren’t all bad for Disney as this other CD compilation called Simply Mad About the Mouse proves. But only slightly! Check it out and hear Rick Ocasek sing Zip – A – Dee – Doo- Dah. It’ll make your day!

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