The Orange Bird Disneyland T-shirt & Baseball Cap

I’m constantly amazed at how much Orange Bird merchandise I keep finding in my small corner of rural Ontario. It must be because of the Snow Birds! If you’re Canadian or a native Floridian, you’ll understand what that means! However, the items featured in this post are from the opposite American coast.

My latest find is a double one, two pieces of clothing from the same seller: The Orange Bird Disneyland t-shirt and baseball cap ensemble!

My wife models the outfit for us. The hat is for an adult while the shirt appears to be a men’s medium. Both I believe are from the Disneyland Resort in California. Why? More on that later.

The t-shirt is a nice shade of peach with pinkish-gray sleeves. It sports the Orange Bird wearing sun glasses with the Adventureland font below. This item does not specifically mention Disneyland. But the baseball cap below does:

I love the level of detail on this cap! We have the slogan on the front (below, left) with an orange ready for squeezing on the side (above) and of course, the Disneyland Resort logo on the back (below, right). So I’m using provenance to link the t-shirt to Disneyland. Because they come from the same seller, it is likely that they would have been purchased at the same time in the same Park. She said she was liquidating her personal collection, so that lends itself to this assumption.

This is a rather large hat. To fit my wife I had to adjust the band to the tightest length, while to fit me, I had to let it out to the widest length. So likely it is a medium to large size, and again, likely a men’s or unisex.

For more Disney baseball cap fun, check out my Disney-themed Baseball Cap collection by clicking the link to visit a previous post. It has another Orange Bird cap that is super cute!

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