The Rocketeer ‘Fate of the Future’ Funko Game

The Rocketeer is a fictional superhero that had his origins in comic books. Created by writer/artist Dave Stevens, the character first appeared in 1982 and is an homage to the Saturday matinee serial heroes from the 1930s through the 1950s. Later in 1991 came the major motion picture released by Walt Disney Pictures and Touchstone Pictures. And now we have The Rocketeer ‘Fate of the Future’ Funko game.

This is a long one folks, so let’s get right to it:

Dun! Dun! Daaaaaah!

Cue the theme music! Will the game be as exciting as the original comic book? Will it soar as high as the major motion picture? Maybe.

I love the graphics and the shear amount of detail that Funko put into this game! The artwork on the box cover is extraordinary and the fun little map of the Rocketeer’s world inside the box lid is amazing.

Box Side – Too cool not to include!

When I opened the game and lifted off the lid, I was greeted by the helmet of the Rocketeer himself! Way cool! It was on one side of the folding game board, with a fun quote on the other:

Game Board (3 Images, above)

Once unfolded, you have the main game board. Okay, that was the easy to understand parts. Now things get way beyond the understanding of a reasonably thinking person. It claims to be for ages 12+ but I think you would have to add another 12 years for a total of 24 to make it fair!

Next, we’ll look at the instructions. Or we could call them Greek, or hieroglyphics, or just plain confusing, take your pick.

Instruction Booklet
12 Pages of Utter Confusion!

I think the average player will have more questions than shown above. If you have an evening free, I recommend that you read all 12 pages… and then explain the game to me! Please?

From what I can tell, it’s a strategy game using cards that give directions. Each player has a number of them, either a hero or villain version, which can be used to address the moves of the opponent. You can choose which of your remaining cards to use, containing actions and abilities, to best achieve the goal of the game.

The winner is the one who ends up with the secret plans before the Zeppelin reaches it’s final destination. Of course, a whole lot of other stuff is going on during game play.

Turn Tokens

This is a 2-player game where one person controls three heroes and the other controls three villains. The play pieces are shown below:

To add to the confusion and complexity of the game, there are a multitude of card decks and tokens and other stuff needed to play and win:

Game Decks & Tokens (3 Images, above)

I was hoping to play a round of this game before featuring it on the blog, but honestly, I think I’ll need a few weeks to study the instructions, so will my wife, and both of us may need to take an annex course at our local Collage before we make our first move!

Back of Game Box

Funko Games is responsible for releasing the game but the makers/creators are actually, and I quote, “the gum-chewing team at Prospero Hall.” Below is the official spiel about the game from their website:

Trouble is brewing high above the city of angels! The mysterious Rocketeer —who can blast through the skies with an ingenious jet-pack—must stop a sinister plot! Hollywood actor Neville Sinclair is scheming to steal the rocket’s blueprints. This breakthrough of modern engineering could revolutionize the future of flight. But in Sinclair’s hands, it could fuel the dark future of warfare. Play as the heroes or the villains in this action-packed strategy game for two players. Whether for good or evil, you will determine the fate of the future!

You can also find on the website a Sizzle video introducing the game along with a How-to-Play video. Here’s the Sizzle video:

I thought the How-to-Play video would be a must-view before attempting your first game play. Then I watched it. It’s 10:53 long. After watching, the host concluded by saying “and that’s the basics of the game”. BASICS?!? I still have no idea how to play this game!

As a collector, I have a huge amount of board games that I don’t play. Guess what? This will be another one!

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