Goofy Souvenir Sipper by Monogram Products

Thirsty? Then you might be interested in this Goofy souvenir sipper by Monogram Products Inc. It’s plastic but sturdy and not just a little bit fun! Actually, it’s a lot of fun!

Let’s have a look at our new drinking buddy:

Many pieces of merchandise seem to feature Goofy in a seated position. Maybe this comes from his days of being a bit of a vagabond who thought the world owed him a living. Back then, he was never looking to do anything that required effort!

He certainly does seem awfully happy and content for someone with a huge straw sticking out of his head!

And speaking of his head, now he seems to have lost it:

No matter whether you’re a real human or an anamorphic animal… that’s gotta hurt! But he is a Goof, so he’s still smiling.

I’m just over the moon (see what I did there?) with my latest flea market find! I’ve added an interesting piece of merchandise to my collection for just $3.00 CAN.

Monogram Products Inc. operated out of Largo, Florida but may not be in business anymore. Or it may have morphed into Monogram International Inc. I can’t find enough information on the all-knowing Internet to confirm either hypothesis. However, Monogram International Inc. does carry both Disney and Marvel properties, but is based out of California.

The only other collectibles I possess from Monogram Products are a pair of Mickey Collector Spoons. Check’ em out!

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