Walt Disney Characters Disneyland PARKER Puzzle

Vintage puzzles are amazing! The artwork and design on the boxes are usually enough to get me to buy them, let alone what is to be found inside. But this Walt Disney Characters Disneyland puzzle by PARKER will not be assembled any time soon. More on that later.

Let’s have a look at this wonderful piece of Disney merchandise:

9″ X 11″

This is a nice grouping of Disney characters in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland. But… why is Tinkerbell so huge? And what a prankster! Mickey and Donald seem to appreciate her practical joke on Goofy anyway.

This was apparently part of a six puzzle set released some time in the late 1970s. It contained a Short, three vintage animated movies, one more modern movie, and of course, the Disneyland puzzle I’m featuring in this post:

I’m dating this puzzle from the 70s because the latest characters featured are from 1977s The Rescuers. It is unlikely to be from the 1980s, as the set would likely have included a movie from that decade.

Side of Box

Children’s puzzles don’t provide much of a challenge for adults so I buy them purely for the display value.

This puzzle was bought at toycity:

I’m not clear on the history of this toy chain. It could have links to Party City or it could also have been absorbed by or morphed into Toys-R-Us. Whatever the case, it was a big deal back in the day! Have a look at some commercials from 1987:

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, this puzzle will not be assembled because the box has never been opened.

Factory Sealed

When buying games or puzzles that have multiple pieces, it’s always nice to find them factory sealed. At least that way you know everything is still there.

This is my first PARKER puzzle. I have one from Golden, another from Jaymar, and one more from Whitman. They all deserve a look!

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