The Rescuers Collector Series Glass from Pepsi

The Rescuers was Disney’s 23rd animated feature film. The plot revolved around two mice who worked for the Rescue Aid Society, an international organization headquartered in New York City. The idea was that it shadowed the United Nations, actually meeting in the basement of the building. They were dedicated to helping abduction victims from around the world. Mainly children.

The Rescuers Collector Series glass that I have from Pepsi-Cola features, not the heroes from the film, but the villain and two of her long-suffering hench-things, Brutus and Nero:

The two crocodiles were never hug deprived, as much as they would have liked to be! But sometimes working for the swamps most clingy villain can be taxing at times.

Brutus & Nero

In the end, they were just doing their jobs.

This Collector Series of glassware was released in 1977 by Pepsi in conjunction with McDonald’s. Remember when Mickey and Ronald were still friends?

I’m not sure how many glasses were released, but here is an image of some of the other glasses offered in the set:

I’ve seen at least three or four other variations on selling sites so far. Each glass can go for up to $20.00 US, but I got mine for just $8.00 CAN.

Madame Medusa

If only all villains would treat their minions with such love and kindness, maybe they would come over to the side of goodness and niceness!

For more fun with The Big Cheese and The Clown, check out our previous post way back from the year 2012: 100 Years of Magic in Glass from McDonald’s. It’ll quench your thirst for glassware!

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