Winnie the Pooh Clip-On Earring

This Winnie the Pooh clip-on earring shows that the titular character really is ‘a bear of very little brain’. As you will see from the opening image, he’s got himself a bit beat up:

Battle Damage – Those bees are playing for keeps!

Most would stop pestering a swarm of bees for their hunny after the first few failures, but not Pooh! He is also single-minded and just keeps trying, and so, he has lost an ear and has damage to his nose.

Unusual Clasp

This should have a mate for the other ear but it is long gone. This sample remains in our collection because of its unique clip-on feature.

Copyright Disney

The copyright of Disney means it is impossible to date this piece as this name has been used almost from the beginning of Disney merchandising.

These earrings are just under one inch high making them cute as a button. They are quite heavy though so I can imagine they would become uncomfortable after a few hours of wear.

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