Funko POP! Wall-E ‘MO’ Vinyl Figure

What’s a M-O? I don’t know, what’s a M-O with you? Okay, that didn’t quite work, but hopefully you enjoy the rest of this post more than that old joke!

M-O stands for Microbe Obliterator and is the acronym for this Funko POP! vinyl figure. He appeared in the Pixar film Wall-E and quickly captured the hearts of viewers with his fastidious attention to cleanliness and his single-minded determination to do all he can to complete his tasks. Okay, I’ll say it: He’s a neat-freak!

The basic parts that make up MO are a brush instead of arms, a white body, yellow eyes on a black LED screen, a siren, a blue brush cover, a roller, and a backpack.

The square hatch in the top of his head slides open to reveal a red siren light. Because when there are contaminants, it’s an emergency!

I’ll be keeping MO in his Docking Bay (the box, I mean the box) because he doesn’t stand up on his own. In the film, he moves around on a single ball roller and stays upright by means of a gyroscope. This Funko POP! figure seems to have a malfunctioning gyroscope so it just falls over.

This figure is one of a set of four. It contains two versions of Wall-E, one of EVE, and of course, little M-O. I won’t likely add the other three figures to my collection, but I do have a Wall-E Funko POP! figure from 2014 that you may enjoy having a look at!

FUN FACTS: The voice actor for M-O, Ben Burtt, also voiced WALL-E.

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