Minnie Mouse Pendant for a Necklace

I’m a huge collector of Disney merchandise and what not. So it’s no surprise that my wife has ended up with quite a bit of Disney-themed jewellery. I easily lose track of what she has so this blog is beneficial even for me in keeping everything sorted!

This Minnie Mouse pendant for a necklace is something I didn’t know she had until I was poking around for something to post:

12 Diamonds a’ Sparkling

But not real diamonds. I’m not that wealthy. But real or fake, they shine nice and pretty! Minnie is dressed in a fairly common costume for her character.


The only markings on this piece are on the back and it simply says ‘ISIS’. Do they mean the Egyptian fertility Goddess? The militant terrorist group? The computer routing protocol? Unlikely.

Instead, it may refer to Isis Jewellers, a company that is still in business and creating beautiful pieces, and yes, using real diamonds! Here is what the official website has to say: “Isis Jewellers was founded in 1984 by Wim Kamermans… who studied Gemmology in Holland at Zadkine College. He has over 40 years of experience in the Jewellery industry.”

The website makes no mention of crafting anything other than rings, but they may have branched out in the past, or did this as a promotional item with Disney.

My wife doesn’t presently have this on a chain. You can see the loop, above, where the chain would go through to make the pendant wearable.

You can check out a Minnie Mouse earring stand that is crafted in pretty much the same style as this pendant. Enjoy!

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