The Legacy Collection Disneyland CD Set

This is the eighth entry into The Legacy Collection. Disneyland was released exclusively at the Disneyland Resort on May 20, 2015, to coincide with the 60th anniversary of Disneyland. It was then released to more traditional retailers later. The three-disc album consists entirely of music, songs and audio, featured across a variety of attractions at both Disneyland and the Disney California Adventure Park.

Before we begin this post though, let’s relive the famous speech that started it all:

Opening Day SpeechWalt Disney

This is perhaps the one CD set from the collection that I was most excited about! I love Walt’s original Park and enjoy exploring it’s long history. The text, pictures, and music in this set are beyond amazing! I’m sure you’ll appreciate them too.

The opening and closing images are meant to invoke the nostalgia of the world’s first real Theme Park. It’s a Small World and a float from The Main Street Electrical Parade are definitely fan favorites!

The liner notes for this set are a bit different from other releases. The music doesn’t really get its own section but is tacked on to the end of the main Production Notes. You can read all about the history of the Disneyland Park and its music by enlarging the images below:

I love that there is a reproduction of the opening day map included. Now let’s gasp in amazement at the wonderful Concept Art below:

Below you’ll find the complete list of contents for this CD set:

Unlike other CD sets that have been released with limited tracks from Disneyland atmosphere and attractions, this set contains some truly rare items. For example, Disc One starts off with the actual Dedication Speech made by Walt Disney on opening day (included in this post), Disc Two contains many defunct attractions, and Disc Three has The Bakery Theme! I mean, come on, who hasn’t wanted a copy of that?

I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to Disleelandia today. We appreciate you stopping by! Before you go, please listen to this brief announcement:

Disneyland ClosingMickey & Friends

I couldn’t have done it better myself!

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