The Legacy Collection Fantasia CD Set

The Legacy Collection: Fantasia is the fifth set in this series. It’s a four-disc album and was released on January 13, 2015, to coincide with the 75th anniversary of Fantasia. The album features the original recordings conducted by Leopold Stokowski and performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra, as well as the 1982 digital re-recordings conducted by Irwin Kostal. You can click the links to see the original LP versions of both of these soundtracks. This CD set has two bonus tracks narrated by Sterling Holloway, and the previously unreleased recording of Clair de Lune, a segment that was cut from the final running order.

The Production Notes are quite extensive and worth a look for any true fan of this Classic! They’ve peppered in some nice concept art as well:

Next we have no less than twelve pages of Concept Art with liner notes to help us chart the development of the project:

This is a rare 4-disc set whereas most of the Legacy sets have only two or three discs. Being as this set contains two separate versions of the soundtrack, plus a few extras, it’s only logical they needed an extra disc. You can read the entire contents below:

Can you tell the difference between the original tracks and the digital re-recordings? Well, let’s compare two pieces of music and see if we can. First, the original version:

The Nutcracker SuiteOriginal Version

And now for the digital version:

The Nutcracker SuiteDigital Version

So, could you tell the difference? I think there is more hiss on the original version and perhaps the digital version has a deeper tone? I’m no music Connoisseur so you’ll have to be the judge!

I have both versions of the soundtrack on LP, the original and the digital remaster, but having them on CD is a treat! It makes it much easier to listen to and enjoy the music!

Fantasia was intended to be a big push for the waning career of Mickey Mouse and it did end up giving the little guy some much needed traction. But in the end, the film just didn’t do that well in its original release. It’s another example of a Disney film becoming a ‘classic’ later in time. However, the music is timeless, so Walt Disney did give us another wonderful gift in the end!

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