Foodie Friday: Vintage Donald Duck Cola Bottle

General Beverages Inc. of Chattanooga, Tennessee, was licensed by Disney to make Donald Duck Cola from 1952 to 1955. Vintage Donald Duck Cola bottles aren’t especially rare but they can fetch up to $20.00 US for just one or up to $500.00 US for a pack of six with the drink still inside! I paid $15.00 US for mine.

This example is empty but I did fill it with Coca-Cola Zero just to see how it looked all dark and sexy!

Donald himself seems to be extra perky after downing an entire bottle of his signature beverage! Or maybe his attitude has improved because he’s getting a cut of the profits?

Walt Disney Productions is the trade mark used for this Disney product along with the famous face of the world’s angriest duck.

I wish I had the cap!

It’s hard to make out but each bottle contained an even 7 ounces of liquid gold. The font for the brand could have been a bit nicer, don’t you think?

Much easier to see the graphics when the bottle is filled with inky goodness! I shot a short video so you could hear the bubbles escaping. But you have to listen carefully:

Have a tall cold one!

The bottom of the bottle has a few markings that likely only mean something to the bottling company or suppliers:

Bottoms Up!

Disney characters have been used for many products over the years. The most common branding I see today is on packages of diapers. I’m definitely not in the market for those!

I do have one other product that Donald Duck pushed in grocery stores across the nation. It’s a very nice vintage Donald Duck Orange Juice can from around the same time period. Check it out!

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