The Legacy Collection Beauty & the Beast CD Set

The fourteenth installment of this series called The Legacy Collection is Beauty and the Beast. It was released on February 9, 2018, as a two-disc compilation featuring the 1991 original soundtrack along with deleted songs, extended score, and early demos.

Most of these sets were released on the anniversary of the film but this one is an exception.

Fifteen pages of Production Notes go deep into the history of the Disney interpretation of this classic story.

The Concept Art shows that the original take on the Beast was much uglier than what we got in the final film. Perhaps Belle aged a bit?

The Music is wonderful, of course! You can see a complete listing of the tracks below:

Some of the Princess movies from Disney have their detractors, but this one seems to be loved by almost everyone. I always thought that Belle was a bit hard on the towns folk, maybe a bit condescending, for my taste. But that’s probably just me!

BelleDemo for Linda Worthington

No, after hearing that song, I don’t think it’s just me.

Whether you think this film was a rose or a thorn, you have to admit it made its mark on modern cinema!

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