Nano Metalfigs 100% Die-Cast Disney Figures

And just is a Nano Metalfig you ask? That was my question when I saw this box set of five Disney characters at a flea market. The asking price was only $5.00 US so I figured I had nothing to lose, so I bought them and decided to figure out what I had bought later.

As far as I can tell, this Nano Metalfigs 100% die-cast Disney figures set is one of three released back in 2017 by Jada Toys of California. There were other sets of course, as you will see if you click the links. These die-cast figures were also sold individually.

I thought this set was a bit eclectic with the selection of characters included. Two from Alice in Wonderland, two from a Disney Channel cartoon series, and one from an animated movie. Connection? Unknown.

The box had a nice sunburst backing card to highlight the figures while still in the packaging. But once freed from their cardboard prison, the characters really come to life!

So we begin with the two figures from Alice in Wonderland:

The Red Queen and the Cheshire Cat are wonderfully presented at their crazy best! Keep in mind that these are indeed 100% die-cast figures, very solid and heavy. Excellent quality!

Scrooge McDuck and Gizmoduck are fresh in from Duckburg. Gizmoduck, or Fenton Crackshell when chilling in his civilian identity, is an iconic and beloved hero in Duckburg. He was enlisted by Scrooge McDuck to serve as chief security guard for the Money Bin. I first ‘met’ the super duck while watching Darkwing Duck on television. I bought this set of figures solely to get the mechanical mallard!

Of course, all of these figures are beyond cool, and so I’m happy to have them all! Three are on my wife’s dresser while the other two are hanging out with my Darkwing Duck Funko Pop! figures.

I will definitely be on the lookout for other figures in this line!

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