Minnie Mouse Laying Bricks Figurine

These little porcelain bisque figurines were released in the Disney Theme Parks around the late 1970s to early 1980s. To what purpose I can’t begin to guess!

After all, a Minnie Mouse laying bricks figurine? Why is she laying bricks in a cute little pink dress with white polka dots? And are those blue pumps CSA certified? I think not.

And I don’t wish to criticize, but I don’t think she has quite mastered the technique of the professional brick layer. That wall looks a little wonky. Of course, it matches most cartoon walls, so…

Another figurine in this series featured Mickey as a Baker. Obviously there were many more variations released. This one is just 3″ tall.

We know that this figurine is from before 1987 because of the Walt Disney Productions branding, which was discontinued after that date.

I paid only $8.00 US for Minnie and her trowel.

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