Foodie Friday: Darkwing Duck Happy Meal Toy

1992. The city is bleak. Villainy is everywhere. But so is ‘He’ who flaps in the night! He will stop the crime in its tracks… after he goes through the local McDonalds drive-thru for a Happy Meal, complete with the obligatory toy. Hey, even superheroes get the tummy grumbles!

What better way to celebrate another Foodie Friday than with a Darkwing Duck Happy Meal toy:

Heroic, ain’t he?

Just ask him, he’ll tell ya! I loved Darkwing Duck. He was voiced by the wonderful Jim Cummings (who also voices Tigger, amoung others) and had an amazing group of supporting characters. And villains!

Never turn your back on crime!

The series ran from 1992 to 1997. So this little PVC (plastic) figure would have appeared in children’s Happy Meals the very first year he debuted on television. Disney and McDonalds did like to promote the newest and greatest!


He flew in from China and boy are his arms tired!

One must assume that other characters from the series also found their way into the boxes between the chicken nuggets and the apple slices. I wonder if any of the fowl characters felt a bit uncomfortable with that particular food choice?

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