Vintage Walt Disney World Brevas Cigar Box

Times they are a changing because times are different as people change. That’s pretty profound if you think about it! Yes, there was a time when Walt Disney’s family Parks had cigarettes and other tobacco products for sale in convenient locations right on Main Street U.S.A.

A case in point is this vintage Walt Disney World Brevas cigar box sans the actual stogies:

I found a picture of The Tobacconist shop on Main Street from a 1974 Souvenir Guide. It apparently closed in the mid 1980s as sensibilities shifted. But you can see it below situated on the West side of the street between the House of Magic (you can just see the beginning of the word ‘House’ below, look to the right) and the Refreshment Corner / Casey’s Corner (which you can see under the flag pole near the middle of the picture, look for the ‘CA’ on the vertical signage). You can clearly see the word ‘Tobacconist’ on an oval sign near the bottom right of the picture:

Circa 1974

Yes, Dad could get three cigars for just $1.80 US and literally walk around the Park smoking them. Now those were different times indeed!

Photo Credit: Mike

So let’s open up the box and take a look inside:

The box I purchased for $24.00 CAN did not have even one Yard ‘Gar inside. So if you’re a BOTL or a SOTL, and you’re looking for a puff from the ISOM, check out the link below!

For a complete story of a man (the oft credited ‘Mike’) who bought a vintage box with the puros still in it and smoked them… in 2016 no less, some 40 years after they were originally sold, check out this link.

Now if you’re going to host a Herf and smoke some fat sticks, they may as well be made with a high quality imported Cuban seed tobacco.

FUN FACTS: What is a Herf? A herf is a gathering of cigar lovers who meet to smoke together. Herfs are often like backyard barbecues with food and beer and whiskey. Anywhere from a few people to hundreds or more can show up at a herf.

But wait, you say, can I buy good quality cigars at Walt Disney World today? Yes and no. You can’t buy them in the Parks but you can buy them in Disney Springs at the Sosa Family Cigar Shop. But don’t try to walk around the open areas with one lit up. Remember, times they have changed!

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