Retail: Hallmark Mickey Heart Hands Ornament

It may be July but that doesn’t stop retailers from trying to make a buck by cashing in on a holiday. Even one that’s six months away! Hallmark has a nice line of ornaments that cover just about any IP and pop culture reference you could want. Disney is a common tie-in for the greeting card chain, and so I wasn’t surprised to find these Hallmark Mickey Heart Hands ornaments.

They feature the beloved character with his hands forming a heart shape. The stylized silicone design is available in a rainbow array of colors. Here is the display I found:

I don’t do holidays. So why do I collect ornaments? Well, I only collect non-descript ornaments, in that ones that don’t have holiday decorations on them or that are specifically themed to any holiday in question. I use them for display, keychains, or to dangle from my rearview mirrors. There are so many other uses for these well made figurines! And if you buy a non-descript ornament, you can display it all year around without the Holiday Police getting on your case.

True Blue

These particular ornaments are made of plastic and are available in multiple colors but are not sold boxed. You can see from the opening image how they are sold. Now let’s have a look at some more of the colours:

The tags say that these are not toys but only for decorative use.

Two last colours:

These little guys measure 2″ Wide by 3″ High by 1.25″ Deep, or thick.

So what do you think? Could you come up with a year round use for one of these colourful little Mickey Mouse figurines?

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