Walmart Mickey & Minnie Canvas Picture

Mickey and Minnie have had an on-again off-again romance for decades. Mostly on. What has kept the spark alive for so long a time?

This Walmart Mickey and Minnie canvas picture might just have the answer:

Oy! What’s going on ‘ere, then?

This is a nice stretched canvas picture featuring the eternal love birds… er, love mice. It measures a respectable 11 1/2″ x 23 1/2″. There is a little wire on the back to hang it with.

Now let’s get to solving the mystery behind the staying power of Mickey and Minnie’s relationship:

Oh, Mickey. You charmer!

Mickey is whispering a sweet nothing into Minnie’s ear. What’s he saying? We will never know, but we can certainly see the results:

Yup. She liked what he said!

Minnie has become overwhelmed with passion after just a few words from her man… er mouse. Is a little peck on the check going to be the end of this exchange?

REALLY liked what he said!

Nope! Mickey goes in for the Big Lip Lock and get’s a Triple Heart mark from the judges. Well done, sir! You are a Doctor of Smoochology!

How much? Don’t know.

This was likely under $20 CAN when it was sold new. I paid just $6.50 CAN at a local reseller.

Wrapped canvas on wooden frame

These inexpensive works of art can brighten up a wall in the home of any Disney fan. But be careful – It might just give your Significant Other ideas!

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