Cinderella Limited Edition Trading Card Set

SkyBox is a prolific creator of Trading Cards along with many other forms of collectable media. You can click the link to see what is currently available.

This post features the Cinderella Limited Edition trading card set from 1995.

I picked this up at a local reseller for just $5.00 CAN. It goes to show how much the value of trading cards has softened over the years. It used to be that baseball cards were like gold! But now with the saturation of the trading markets, all collectibles have fallen as investments. This set can be purchased for about $20.00 US on most sites today.

This set adds a nice twist to the collectible nature of the cards. The box is ornate and utilizes a drawer-like operation to remove the cards. Once out of the box, you have 50 beautiful images from the original Disney classic that proved that women can run in just about any kind of footwear! The back of each card has a brief snippet of the story, each card sequentially forwards the narrative along.

Above I have included the front of the first card and the back of the last card. There are simply too many cards for me to photograph them all for this post! So I’m choosing to focus on the unique box instead. But if you want to see each and ever card, please check out TCDb for images of the complete set. They’ve done the work so I don’t have to!

This is Number 07287 or 20,000. So about the middle of the run.

I’ve featured one other SkyBox set of trading cards on this site so far. You can check out my Toy Story cards by clicking the link.

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