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Facebook can be a very convenient way to find unique businesses. I have purchased many things from sellers in this way but have never had such a nice experience as I have with Gracey Manor Designs.

I’ve been blogging on this website for well over a decade and haven’t really done much with the branding nor have I created a line of merchandise. That may change if and when the site gets popular enough to warrant it. But until then, I now have two pieces of exclusive ‘merchandise’ that are just for me, but now I’d like to share them with you:

If only it were a real place!

Disleelandia is a blending of a small show that Walt Disney was going to tour around America called Disneylandia and my name, ‘Lee’, which I inserted into the middle. And the rest is blogging history! My logo is a modification of the original entrance sign from Disneyland, as seen below:

This is a real place!

And here is where Gracey Manor Designs comes in. I saw their advertisement on Facebook and gave it a click. You can do so from this post. They specialize in small recreations, or replicas, of vintage and modern signs from the Disney Parks, and more.

But… they will also modify the items to suit your needs. If you have a website like mine, you could do something like this:

This little beauty stands just 4 1/2″ high and is 9 1/2″ long. It faithfully recreates the pattern and colours of the original sign, with obvious differences due to the adding of two extra squares of letters. The material is a plastic, so I assume there is some 3D Printing behind it. The fit and finish is very good, but to be fair, I should mention that there is a very slight warping of the base on one end. Plastic forms will do this, so I don’t see it as a problem. I mention it to be complete in my evaluation. I’m not expecting any additional warping.

How long did it take and how much did I pay?

I first inquired after having my modified replica on April 30th. They responded the same day and sent me a digital mock up of the finished product:

After considering it, I ordered on May 8th. I received and paid a PayPal invoice that day and the process began. On May 9th I was promised it would be shipped in three weeks. On June 16th I received an email telling me it would be shipped on June 20th (an unavoidable family emergency delayed things). It took just under two weeks to arrive from then.

The sign itself was $45.00 US with a $20 US shipping charge to Canada. An order shipped within the United States would have been only $5.00 US.

I would highly recommend Gracey Manor Designs for both the quality of the product and the quick and friendly service!


I also own a t-shirt that was made for me many years ago by a very good friend. For me, this really is The Happiest Blog on Earth! Even though I’ve been blogging since 2009, I’m still working hard to build the brand and gather an audience. But having cool pieces of representative ‘merchandise’ like the sign and the ‘T’ definitely help me to stay pumped and focused!

If you’re enjoying my content, why not share Disleelandia with a friend? I’d like to take this time to thank YOU for visiting!

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