Goofy McDonalds Happy Meal Friction Car Toy

Once again we must visit that famous place that we all go to eat, even though we know there are better places and better food out there… but they have toys! And so we go buy our Happy Meals almost solely for the pleasure of finding fun inside.

The fun today comes from 1988 with this Goofy McDonalds Happy Meal friction car toy:

If Goofy is depicted in a car, it’s always a jalopy! Some old beater on its last legs and usually completely incapable of getting the driver to his destination.

You can find these little toys at any flea market or antique store for next to nothing. They aren’t worth more than the fun they can bring when you play with them! I paid one Canadian dollar.

Let’s have a look at Goofy as he takes a spin, literally, in his jalopy:

Goofy Goes for a Spin!

I’m just trying out a new video program called Wondershare Filmora. You no doubt noticed the watermark on the video presentation above. After using the software, I do believe I will buy the full version. It seems pretty intuitive and has most of the features you’d ever need to make interesting content.

But I digress…

To be fair, Goofy didn’t flip his car over, although he did crash it many times during the filming of the video!

For more friction car fun, check out my Tomorrowland Speedway collection, or if it’s the Goof you’re into, check out another car in his garage from Motorama. It’s also a jalopy!

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