WDW 50th Anniversary Ittybittys Jungle Cruise Plush

Hallmark is arguably the best supplier of Disney merchandise outside of the Theme Parks themselves! This wonderful Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary ‘Ittybittys’ Jungle Cruise plush is a great example. The fun factor is off the charts, and if you don’t believe that, then you’re in de Nile!

Let’s have a look at our Skippers:

Siamese Skippers

How adorkable are they? Mickey sports a traditional Jungle Cruise Skipper uniform, while Minnie seems to have adapted her look to reflect the boat canopy. I don’t remember Cast Members having a red and white striped costume at any point.

Ittybittys is a collectible plush toy line by Hallmark released in 2013. These plush are big fun. They are stuffed animals that are sturdy, cuddly, and the perfect size. You can check out the full line at the official website here.

Bogey & Hepburn

For a deep dive into how The Jungle Cruise attraction drew inspiration from the 1951 action adventure film The African Queen, just click the link.

The boat has two little holes that fit Mickey and Minnie’s itty bitty butts!

Walt Disney World celebrated its 50th Anniversary during the pandemic in 2001. Pretty much alone! The only thing that really came out of the event was some awesome merchandise.

Now that The Disney Store is no more we will need to rely on brick and mortar retailers like Hallmark and others to give us our Disney fix.

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