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Disney/Pyrex Reusable Storage Bags

Sometimes Disney creeps into my ‘regular’ life. Case in point is this Disney/Pyrex reusable platinum silicone storage bag. We were picking up a kitchen gadget at our local dollar store and saw a display for these sandwich bags. They are … Continue reading

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Disneyland Paris Eiffel Tower Collection Pin

Although this pin was released back in 2014, likely only in Disneyland Paris itself, I just found it in Canada at a local retailer now. I thought it was a unique design idea and so bought it to add to … Continue reading

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Walt Disney Film Strip Lantern

Today’s collectible has somehow traveled all the way from England, and from the past, to the present. This Walt Disney Film Strip Lantern, or ‘projector’ as they would later be called, likely dates from the early to mid 1940s. I’ve … Continue reading

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Folk Art Wooden Mickey Mouse Server

What do you call a one-eared mouse? Folk art, apparently! My father found this wooden DIY project at a yard sale and thought I’d like to have it. He was right. This is reminiscent of the butler statues that you … Continue reading

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The Legacy Collection Toy Story CD Set

Toy Story is the 10th release in The Legacy Collection. It’s a two-disc album that hit stores on July 10, 2015, to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the movie. The album features the film’s complete original soundtrack, four demo recordings, … Continue reading

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