The Legacy Collection Toy Story CD Set

Toy Story is the 10th release in The Legacy Collection. It’s a two-disc album that hit stores on July 10, 2015, to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the movie. The album features the film’s complete original soundtrack, four demo recordings, and some instrumental versions of the film’s main songs. A nice touch is the comments of thanks from composer Randy Newman and director John Lasseter to the orchestra.

This is perhaps the second most anticipated release for me, right after the Disneyland CD set.

Arguably one could say that this movie, Toy Story, was as groundbreaking and pivotal to animation in our day as was Snow White in its day. And as Snow White had her visionary producer to introduce her to the world, Walt Disney, so to did the Toy Story cast of characters in one John Lasseter.

The Production Notes are splendid and written this time by Randy Newman, the musical genius behind the songs and score of the movie. It lends a more personal perspective to the information:

This has just a few pages dealing with the Music, mostly just providing lyrics:

I found the extra music on this disc to be somewhat disappointing. There wasn’t much of it and the demo recordings, frankly, weren’t very good. But why take my word for it? Have a listen:

The Fool Demo – Randy Newman

This was one of the better demo recordings. It’s fun, but one can see why it wasn’t used in the final cut of the movie.

Next we have my favorite thing about these Legacy Collection sets, the Concept Art:

So who’s glad that they heavily redesigned Woody from the original concepts?!? A smoking ventriloquist dummy? That’s nightmare fuel and no thanks!

The good thing about this CD set is that it does include the entire soundtrack.

Back Cover

I guess we can end this post in the same way that Randy Newman and John Lasseter ended the recording sessions with the orchestra: By thanking you for being here to the end! They put it better…

Thanking the OrchestraSpoken

I still need to find two of the fifteen sets to complete my collection. You can see the thirteen that I do have by typing ‘The Legacy Collection’ into the ‘Search’ box at the top right corner of this Blog.

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