Folk Art Wooden Mickey Mouse Server

What do you call a one-eared mouse? Folk art, apparently! My father found this wooden DIY project at a yard sale and thought I’d like to have it. He was right.

“Are you being served?”

This is reminiscent of the butler statues that you can find in almost every home décor store. But with the obvious Disney twist. As you will notice, I have a few things to fix to bring him back into shape.

Mickey is pretty much identical on both sides. He is sporting his 1980s attire of blue pants with a red shirt. Very trendy back in that decade.

First, one of his ears is broken off. I can simply trace the other ear on a piece of wood, cut it out, and peg and glue it on. The arm just under the missing appendage is also broken, it has been reattached previously. Likely the poor guy was dropped, breaking both his ear and arm.

Once I have fixed everything I will touch up the paint.

Looking at the top of Mickey’s serving arm, you can see where there were two screws that would have held a tray of some kind. The tray was missing when I took ownership. The one in the first image of this post is a metal souvenir tray from Florida that has Walt Disney World featured on it. I thought it would be an appropriate match for Mickey! Instead of screwing it on, I plan to use double sided tape so as not to damage the tray.

The artist didn’t use expensive wood, as you can see from the base. But it served the purpose. Of course, being a softer species probably contributed to how easy it was to damage.

For more wooden Folk Art with a Disney theme, check out my Goofy Folk Art that I rescued out of my friend’s workshop.

UPDATE: August 6, 2022

I joined an interesting FaceBook Group called Disney Collectibles recently and much to my surprise, another member named Thomas posted this photo asking for help with information about it:

Look familiar? So now we know exactly which image my little wooden friend was based on! It’s always weird when these things come together.

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