Disneyland Paris Eiffel Tower Collection Pin

Although this pin was released back in 2014, likely only in Disneyland Paris itself, I just found it in Canada at a local retailer now. I thought it was a unique design idea and so bought it to add to my admittedly rather small Disney Pin collection:

Now who could that represent?

The design elements are obvious but cute. There is a ‘Hidden Mickey’ at the top of the tower and the tower itself is painted with the iconic colours of no other than Minnie Mouse herself. And the bow is a nice finishing touch!

Pin Trading is mostly a thing here in North America with only small incursions having been made in the off shore Parks. But this pin is a part of the official Disney Pin Trading system.

I have seen four variations of this pin so far: This Minnie Mouse one, a Cheshire Cat version, Tinker Bell, and of course, a Mickey Mouse entry. In my opinion, this pin is the best!

As mentioned, I don’t have many pins, but you can see some of my more Unique Pins by clicking the link.

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