15 Walt Disney Favorites LP by Pickwick Int.

There be no end to the cover version LPs of Disney songs! Every big band, singer, group, and compilation agency have produced a collection of classic Disney tunes, to varying degrees of success. I’d say this collection of 15 Walt Disney Favorites is average at best.

How do you know if the music on an LP is original recordings or covers? Usually the artwork on the cover sleeve will tell you:

Off-Model Artwork

If Disney doesn’t allow or provide licensed artwork for use on an LP cover, it’s a good bet that the music on the LP itself will be covers. And now you know!

The songs are all taken from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1938) and Pinocchio (1940). The album doesn’t credit the orchestra or the singers.

The track I have included in this post is one I have never heard before! Even if you are an uber Disney fan, I believe you will be unfamiliar with it as well. Give it a listen:

Monstro the Whale

It’s a fun little song that obviously wouldn’t have fit into the film. Maybe it was a demo recording or maybe a song written for some other children’s LP release. Either way, we now know that Monstro was around in Biblical times! Who knew?

Whoever wrote the liner notes for the back of the cover should have read up on Disney a bit more before finalizing his/her text! For example, they mention that Walt’s first big success came with the release of the cartoon Short named Steamboat Bill, which was actually Steamboat Willie. They also mention that this cartoon was the first time Mickey spoke, which is untrue. It was the first sound cartoon, but Mickey didn’t talk until later in the Short named The Karnival Kid where he yells out “Hot Dogs! Hot Dogs!” while playing a food vendor. Am I picky about such details? Yes. Yes I am.

They got everything else right though, so, I’ll let them slide!

Pickwick Records was an American record label and British record distributor known for its budget album releases of sound-alike recordings (yup, like this one!) and bargain bin reissues. I bought this jewel at a charity shop for a couple of bucks! The parent company was founded in 1950 with the “Pickwick/33” imprint coming around in the late 1960s and carrying on into the 1970s, before the company was bought out in 1977.

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