Funko Explorer Mickey ‘The True Original’ Figurine

Funko has once again dipped into my wallet and extracted the cost of another vinyl figure! This time it is the Explorer Mickey figure from ‘The True Original’ collection of twelve.

I hadn’t gotten Mickey out of the box for more than a minute and he was already off and exploring the flora and fauna of my gardens:

This series of figures has a great box. It features a ‘Hidden Mickey’ window to showcase the figure inside. It then pulls apart to reveal (and release) the contents.

Mickey’s 90 year anniversary would have been in 2018.

Many of Mickey’s most iconic roles are featured in this collection. I could honestly live with owning almost all of them, but I don’t want to spend the money to make that happen! I believe I have Train Conductor Mickey as well. But if I was to buy just one more, it would be Three Musketeer Mickey.

The pattern on the inside box is cool, with many poses from some of Mickey’s famous Shorts. You can see how his look has changed over the years.

“Okay Jim, let’s rejoin Mickey out in the field to see what he has found”:

Bridge to Adventure!

“Mickey seems a little confused, Jim! Hopefully he will get his bearings soon and find something worthy of the financial investment of this Expedition.”

“It appears Mickey has found the Great Monolith of Kingsvale! Believed lost for centuries, Mickey has climbed almost to the top, but can find no way inside. We’ll have to leave our intrepid Explorer for now. We can only pray that he will return to us safely, back here in the Studio.” CUT! PRINT THAT! “Want to go for coffee, Jim?”

Wow. That adventure was exciting!

I should mention that the finish quality on these line of figures could be better. The mold is rough and the paint can be spotty, but this could be due to the smaller size and the resultant problems with injection techniques. In the case of Explorer Mickey, it gives him a weathered look that fits the character.

For more fun with ‘The True Original’ commemorative merchandise, check out this post from 2021 entitled Mickey: The True Original Crew Socks. Yup. Even Mickey wears socks!

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