Pop! Animation Scooby-Doo Box Lunch Exclusive

“Well, Scoob, it looks like we’re in trouble again!” But this time our cowardly duo aren’t afraid of ghosts or ghouls (you know, the ones who always end up being creepy guys in silly costumes?) but of finding millions of people without proper food and nutrition.

This Pop! Animation Scooby-Doo Box Lunch exclusive vinyl figure was produced in cooperation with Feeding America to provide those who were affected by the coronavirus pandemic with much needed meals.

Someone needs a Scooby-snack!

With each purchase of this collectible figure you could provide 10 meals to families and children in need. This promotion ran from September of 2021 to January of 2022.

I tend to favour Funko Pop figures when they are some sort of exclusive. But when I saw Scooby-Doo holding a sign that said ‘Ruh-Roh!’ I just burst out laughing! It quickly became a ‘must-have’.

Scooby-Doo is basically a grown dog in the original cartoons but appears to be a younger pup in this Funko figure. There was a younger version of the Mystery Mutt called Scrappy-Doo though. However, he was a different dog altogether.

Just look at that face!

This is the first character from the Warner Brothers stable of characters to join my collection. And…

“That’s all, folks!”

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