Dopey Dwarf Ceramic Planter with Pipe

It wasn’t oh so long ago that smoking wasn’t considered taboo. Almost every movie, even cartoons, featured characters happily puffing away on the weed of their choice. Disney was no different and animated many cartoon creations with a cigarette, cigar, or pipe, in their mouth.

And as this Dopey dwarf ceramic planter (yes, with a pipe!) shows, the vice even made it prominently into merchandise:

I can find no information about the manufacturer or dating for this piece. It likely predates the 60s but I can’t say for sure. The cracking of the glazing does indicate a certain amount of age.

For the most part Dopey is depicted ‘on model’. He appears childlike and innocent, just as he does in the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Usually you would find a brand sticker on the bottom. It could have been washed off in this case. But also there should be the word ‘Disney’ engraved somewhere on the base of the piece, but there is not. It does appear to be an officially licensed product however.

For a more modern ceramic planter, check out my Mini Mickey version by clicking the link!

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