Precious Moments ‘Bright Spot’ Dalmatian Figurine

“You Are The Bright Spot Of My Day” is the precise name of this beautiful little figurine. Produced for the Walt Disney Showcase Collection by Precious Moments, it pays homage to the 1961 animated classic movie 101 Dalmatians.

Of course, we would have to wait until 2007 to see an adorable girl holding a basket full of puppies:

The main human characters in the original animated movie were an adult male and female. There were no children. So this little girl is in addition to the source material. Maybe she is the first child of Roger and Anita, said male and female, respectively?

Pongo and Perdita (the male and female dogs of the story) produce a litter of just 15 puppies, but a rather elaborate adoption process brings the total number of spotted mutts up to the required 101. So despite popular belief, or the apparent evidence thereto, Dalmatians do not breed like rabbits!

I work in the renovation trade and often meet very interesting people in the course of my jobs. Recently I painted some rooms for a couple who bred, raised, showed, and loved Dalmatians! In fact, they still had three. They never had 101.

Friends and family bought them all-things Dalmatians as gifts for various occasions until there just wasn’t any more room, and so the downsizing of their collection has begun! I asked how much they wanted for this figurine and the cost was: $0.00 CAN. A tip! I wonder if I should claim it on my taxes?


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