Disney Loungefly Winne the Pooh Gingham Mini Backpack

Undoubtedly one of the longest titles I’ve used in some time! But I needed every word to introduce what is perhaps one of the cutest objects in the known Universe: the Disney Loungefly Winnie the Pooh Gingham mini backpack.

Behold as you prepare to go ‘Awww!’

I needed something to cheer up my wife whilst she was having a bad day and I came upon this mini piece of merchandise at my local IP procurement store. The name of the place is Cartoon Kingdom and they are located in Windsor, ON. If you click the link, you will see my old store sign that used to hang over the business entrance before they redesigned their logo.

It had me at the gingham pattern. Gingham, also called Vichy check, is traditionally a fabric that has a striped, check or plaid pattern in two tones. The colours used are usually quite bright!

To add to the charm this bag has a cartoon pattern inside the front pouch, the main compartment, and the two side pockets.

The decision to purchase was cinched when I saw the saying on the back of the backpack: “I think the bees suspect something”. I burst out laughing and promptly carried it up to the counter!

There is one other feature that is fun about this backpack. Have a look at the video below:

Buzzing Bees that Spin

My wife now has four Disney Loungefly backpacks. You can start to view the collection here.

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