Places: The DAIRY FREEZ Restaurant in Essex, ON

The Reaume family has run this establishment since 1954 and it has become an iconic landmark and family destination in Essex County. They serve ice cream, classic American foods, and other treats.

But perhaps the coolest contribution (see what I did there?) is this roadside sign:

After many years of seasonal activity, this sign could use a little TLC, but it still does the job of welcoming visitors along County Road 34!

And just what are we visiting?

I thought it would be more colourful

Okay, that image is an old stock photo from back in the day! This is how it looks today:

368 County Rd. 34 W, Essex, ON, N8M 2X5

I love the painted images of food along the roofline! It reminds me of the dancing food items at the old drive-in theaters.

The Dairy Freez can become quite busy but there is a large outdoor seating area along with an enclosed seating area in the rear. And there is ample parking to the side, next to the giant ice cream cone!

So, what do you fancy?

Reviews about the quality of the food and service are a bit of a mixed bag. The sites I checked when researching for this post had ratings ranging from Worst Place Ever to Best Place Ever. Best to make your own evaluation with your wallet and taste buds! To be realistic, every business has its bad days, but if it can stand the test of time, it can’t be all bad.

This vintage ice cream stand is open seasonally from late March to the last Sunday in October.

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