Zaini Toy Story 4 Chocolate Egg w/Bunny

If you have noticed Zaini at all it’s likely because of these licensed chocolate eggs featuring some of your favorite Disney and Pixar characters. Each egg has a little plastic toy inside. But if you click the link to their official site, you’ll learn that they have been serious about chocolate since 1913!

By comparison, Toy Story 4 has only been around since 2019.

These eggs are sort of Kinder Surprise knockoffs, but they get the job done. Each has a respectable amount of tasty chocolate and the obligatory plastic toy.

Let’s crack this one open and see what we have:

The quality of the toys is about what you would expect for something that retails for under two bucks. They are perfect for little children, but not too little, for some of the toys could present a choking hazard!

Below is a picture showing just some of the characters you may get in this series:

Bunny (voiced by Jordan Peel) was the comic relieve character along with Ducky. They were literally joined together and so inseparable. But my plastic version is playing solo today.

I’ve purchased other Zaini eggs, including ones from the Big Hero 6 series. You can click the link to see what characters I got from that!

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