Found Disney: Disney/Pixar Mater Pillow Pet

Once again, I have found a piece of Disney merchandise loose in the wild. In this case, at a Goodwill store in Windsor, ON.

It’s not uncommon to find plush characters at charity shops, but I thought this one was a little bit more unique than most! It actually ties up to form a complete Mater from the Pixar franchise, Cars. But if you pull apart the Velcro strap, the plush widens out and becomes… a Pillow Pet:

The official website has this to say about Pillow Pets: “It’s not one of those regular pillows, it’s a Pillow Pet! Our mission at Pillow Pets is to bring endless smiles to children everywhere. Made of high quality, super soft plush, Pillow Pets are the most precious snuggle pals for you or your loved ones.”

Ready for Snuggling!

They have a wide variety of Disney Pillow Pets that include some obscure characters. Some of the offerings even light up, casting sparkles and stars on the ceiling. There is even a Lightning McQueen Pillow Pet to be a best friend to Mater should you decide to buy him. Mater is only $3.49 CAN, but McQueen will set you back $34.99 US.

Pillow Pets may be precious, but their resale value leaves a bit to be desired!

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