Ron Hover from CARS Die Cast Helicopter

I admit that I’m just as addicted to the CARS franchise as anyone else. Well, at least I’m addicted to the little metal models that Mattel has been putting out in alarming quantities since 2006. Cars 2 and Cars 3 didn’t do much for me, but I still have many vehicle characters from each of those two sequels!

I need, but don’t want, an intervention.

But I do have a complaint: Disney/Pixar has been milking the franchise. Even if a character has 3 seconds of screen time in the background of a crowd shot, he/she will likely get his/her own die cast figure! No matter how obscure the name, like Ron Hover here, it will take flight on a store shelf near you.

That said, it just seemed right to add ol’ Ron to my Cars display as he was a media helicopter on site to record the big race. I have a racetrack display, so….

Yes, that’s his big cameo in the first Cars film, shown above. Can you see him? Barely, right? Yet we can shell out $6.95 US and have one of our very own.

Ron Hover is helicopter who works for Competition Racing Sports Network as a television news helicopter. He has a more extensive back story for some reason, but I won’t bore you with it here. Suffice to say that he is a is Whirlybird Liftalot model.

The model does have a nice level of detail with many cameras positioned around his fuselage. Now, I did manage to snap an ariel shot of Hover in action as he flew over my Cars display:

Pre-race Fly-Over

If you’d like to see more of my Cars display, you can check out my previous post that features a wonderful Cars 3 Racetrack Play Table that I recently picked up. Enjoy, race fan!

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