Walt Disney World Disney Buses 3 Pack Set

I tend to spend way too much on merchandise when I visit the Disney Parks! Fortunately, I haven’t been able to go for quite a few years, so my pocketbook thanks me daily.

But back in the day my vacations were 50% fun and 50% buying stuff, like this Walt Disney World Disney Buses 3 Pack Set:

For just $12.00 US this was a deal too good to pass up! I always enjoyed riding around on the buses during my vacations. It was almost like an attraction unto itself.

I had the pleasure of riding Disney’s Magical Express once way back in 2007 during our very first visit to Walt Disney World as a couple. It really did get the vacation off to the best start! It’s so unfortunate that Disney has chosen to discontinue this free service.

These are diecast models with quite a nice level of detail. Note that the top bus, the Disney Transport, has only one rear axle, whereas the other two buses have dual rear axles. It’s always nice when the designers take the time to be that authentic!

This piece of merchandise is part of the Theme Park Edition line sold exclusively at Walt Disney World. Any item in this line would make a great souvenir as they are small enough to fit into your luggage and the cost is very reasonable.

Back of Box

Disney never puts a date on these types of merchandise likely to make them seem fresh and new to first-time visitors. But if we go by the back of the box where it mentions that Disney’s Magical Express is the newest addition to the bus fleet, we can extrapolate that it is probably from 2005, the year this service was first offered.

Disney’s Magical Express ceased operation on January 10th of 2022. So now this 3 pack can only be sold as a 2 pack!

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